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Loga klubů12th National Exhibition of Agapornises

WHEN: 2st – 4th October 2020

WHERE: Colatransport, Písníky 409/18, 620 00 Brno – Holásky (map)

APPLICATIONS: until 29. 9. 2020

ACCEPTANCE OF BIRDS: Friday 7:30 - 11:00

OPENHOURS FOR PUBLIC: Saturday 9:00 - 17:00, Sunday 9:00 - 13:00


The Exhibition organized by CZAC is the biggest exhibition of Agapornises in the Czech Republic. In the past years was possible to see over 350 birds including about 250 evaluated kinds and mutations. It is not only the members of the Club but also breeders from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Italy, who are not the members of the club. It is possible to see even little widespread mutations. Visitors come from the nearby area even from several hundred kilometers distant areas. In short, a special show of our club is the largest Agapornis event in the Czech Republic.

Colatransport - místo klubové výstavyThe 12th National Exhibition of Agapornis will take place in the site of Cola Transport restaurant in Brno-Holásky, on 02st -04th October 2020. Very good accessibility by public transport, parking place, accommodation possibility and other facilities – everything is part of one site. The airport Brno-Tuřany is about 2 km far from here.

Exhibition Organization:

The Exhibition is divided into 3 days, on Friday 02st is reserved for its organization and to the exhibitors. The acceptance of the birds will be from 7:30 to 11:00. The birds will be checked and potential unclarities will be clarified (e.g.: exhibition class categorization, etc.). After the acceptance the evaluation will follow, so as the result summarization and the catalogue print. The evaluation will be processed according to the international standards by the judges. The best birds will get diplomas in their groups; bands will be given to the best birds in each class and kind. The winning Agapornis will receive a cup of their kind. From the winners, the winner of the Exhibition will be chosen and will get the main glass prize. In addition, the titles "Club Champion" and "Junior Club Champion" will be awarded for the best breeder of the club members. In the evening, the processing of results will begin and informal meeting of club members and exhibitors in the local restaurant.

The next day, on Saturday 03rd October the exhibition is opened for public from 9:00 to 17:00. The opening hours are extended by two hours this year. In the afternoon (at 14:00) there will be a lecture about Agapornises in the restaurant lounge, which will be open to the general public. Everyone can learn something new, or. look on the presentation. In the evening from 18:00, a gala evening will be opened for club members and exhibitors, where the results will be officially announced and awards will be presented at the beginning. Free entertainment and sitting then takes place until late at night.

On Sunday 04th, the exhibition is open to the public from 9:00 to 13:00. From 12:30 the issue of sold Agapornises from the exhibition part can start. The exhibition will end at 13:00.

The exhibition will follow the Exhibition Rules, which contain all important information. Furthermore, it will comply with all applicable regulations for organizing such events, including the KPEP Exhibition Rules. All breeders can participate, regardless of club membership, age or nationality. Breeders have the opportunity to compare their Agapornises with each other. It doesn't matter if you start with breeding or devote yourself to it for decades - the exhibition is about a meeting of breeders who strive for quality breeding, a competition where the best will be awarded and less successful will find out what to look out for and what to avoid. Everyone can move further. Each Agapornis must have a closed ring, regardless of the species, mutation or age of the Agapornis. The exhibition will be divided into these classes:

Výstavní prostoryExhibition System:

The Exhibition is divided into 3 classes:

  • CLASS A – Agapornises with rings 2019
  • CLASS B – Agapornises 2018 rings and older
  • CLASS M – Agapornises from current year (2020)
  • CLASS N – undefined agapornises, new or non-classified mutations or their combinations

The Agapornises are divided by the age into these main classes: Class A - Agapornis breeding in the previous year with the ring of last year (2019), Class B - Agapornis, older than Agapornis in class A, with a ring 2018, 2017 etc. Class M - Agapornis bred in the year of the exhibition with the current 2020 ring.

Three best birds will be chosen from the class B (1st -3rd place of class B). The same is valid for the class M (1st -3rd place of class M). And again first 3 best birds will be chosen from the class A, but these 3 best Agapornises are on the overall winners of the whole show. Class A is further subdivided into the individual species in which the best Agapornis of the species are declared. The individual species can then (but not necessarily) be divided into Exhibition groups (according to the mutation -> Exhibition group) - For the announcement of individual groups, a minimum number of 5 Agapornises of the same classification is required, from min. 3 exhibitors.

Class N is also used - it includes non-standard Agapornis (unrecognized or new mutations and their combinations).

Scoring cages:

Class A – wooden or plastic (which has same dimension and look definitely same like wooden) show cage (see Exhibition Rules)
Class B – wooden or plastic (which has same dimension and look definitely same like wooden) show cage (see Exhibition Rules)
Class M – the obligation to have your birds in carton show cage, provided by the organizer (see Exhibition Rules)

Agapornises is possible to expose only in the standard wooden or plastic show cages with the dimensions 16 - 18 cm depth, 36 cm width, 30 cm height (see Exhibition Rules). The birds placed in different cages will not be accepted for the Exhibition. Such cages however can be used in the Sales section. Cartoon cages for the class M will be arranged by the organizer, it is mandatory to specify number of the cartoon cages in the application according to your needs.

It is necessary to fill in own application form for the sale section. The breeder will provide the required data (ring number, kind, mutation or combination and price). If known, it may also include age and gender. Only one Agapornis can be placed in the show cage. Non-standard scoring cages can also be used for the sales part. The exhibitor can only offer in the sales section as many Agapornises as he has in the show section.

Exhibition Organization:


Agapornis růžohrdlý (aqua) - vítěz 8. Celostátní výstavy agapornisů

The exhibition obeys the Exhibition regulation, which includes all important information. Every Agapornis breeder can expose his birds on the Exhibition, regardless of the Club membership or nationality. Breeders have the opportunity to compare their breeds objectively among each other. It does not matter whether you start with or take care of it for dozens of years - the exhibition is about meeting breeders who are looking for quality Agapornis breeds, about the best prize winners and less successful find out what to watch out for and what to avoid. Everyone can move. Every Agapornis must have a closed ring - kind, mutation, or Agapornis age does not matter..

You can have a res or refreshment in the close restaurant during the Exhibition. The restaurant is a part of the whole area. Accommodation can be arranged upon request with our club directly on the place or other accommodation possibility in Brno.

Application Process:

To register your Agapornis for an exhibition, first download the application form. Then fill in all the data, including the inclusion of Agapornis in the appropriate group (= mutation / combination, see Exhibition groups). When filling in the application, you can use the drop-down arrows to make it easier for you to fill in. Please, send the completed application to the club address or e-mail by midnight on 29th September 2020. Any inconsistencies will be settled when the birds are picked up on Friday 02st October 2020 from 7:30 to 11:00. We only accept the receipt of applications in electronic form.




News 2020

This year's exhibition will take place for the first time in history in 3 days, when Agapornises will be received on Friday, October 2st 2020. It is open to the public on Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00 and on Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00. During Saturday afternoon (14:00) there will be a lecture in the restaurant lounge focusing on Agapornises, which will be open to the general public. The exhibition expands its program and offers the opportunity to learn something.

This year, the exhibition will be judged jointly by a Czech and foreign judges. Breeders will have the opportunity to have their Agapornises evaluated in comparison with international standards. An informal meeting with the judges will take place on Friday evening for club members and exhibitors, so they will have a unique opportunity to ask various questions. The foreign judge will be available during Saturday morning.

After a few years, the club returns to the possibility of renting show cages. These cages are only available in a limited number and exclusively with priority for exhibitors from abroad. The distance and the number of exposed Agapornises are taken into account. We still recommend everyone to buy their own show cages.


The global pandemic of a new type of coronavirus has introduced a number of restrictions and canceled many events and exhibitions. Our exhibition of Agapornises will be one of the few that will take place in Europe this year. The exhibition will follow all possible measures that will be current at that time. However, with regard to the experience from outbreaks in other parts of the Czech Republic, we do not anticipate any significant restrictions, as no more than 100 people meet at one time in one place in an enclosed space. Nevertheless, as a precaution, we recommend wearing a veil or other respiratory protection. Visitors and exhibitors from abroad are advised to follow the regulations in their countries - however, at this time we have no information on the need for negative covid-19 tests or quarantine measures. The borders are passable. We will only inform you about any new regulations, otherwise the above will apply.


Dear breeders and supporters of Agapornises. Again after one year there will be the largest exhibition of Agapornis in Central Europe, which will offer a comparison of Agapornis across breeds. Representative spaces, hundreds of Agapornises, breeders and visitors from several countries ... The peak of the season for every Agapornis breeder is here!

We invite you to an exhibition based on recognized international systems. For an exhibition where normal, even rare mutations or uncommon combinations are present. The exhibition is attended by both beginners and experienced breeders. In short, for an exhibition that lives today ...

We look forward to your attendance or visit

Do you have questions? Do you need help with filling in the application or something is not clear? – please, contact us

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